Woman trying to bring back her son left in baby box

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Kazakhstan woman Nina Klimova is trying to bring back her son, whom she left in a baby box of a Russian children's hospital, according to "Express K" newspaper.

A five-day baby boy was found by doctors of Stavropol Regional Children's Hospital. A mother put her son in a baby box at the clinic and left. But a few days later she came to the office of the chief doctor and said that she had made an unforgivable mistake. At the present time she is preparing for the delivery of a DNA test. In addition she has to collect all necessary documents for obtaining the certificate of birth of her son. "The Kazakh woman Nina Klimova left her baby boy in a baby box at our hospital. She has a discharge from maternity home. Formally, the woman did not legally renounce the child and she did not leave him to die on a street. Therefore, theoretically, the issue can be resolved in her favor," said Irina Strelnikova, the head of the department for the protection of childhood under the administration of the Industrial District of Stavropol. NOTE: A baby box (or baby hatch) is a place where people (typically mothers) can bring babies, usually newborn, and leave them anonymously in a safe place to be found and cared for. The boxes are usually in hospitals or social centres or churches and consist of a door or flap in an outside wall which opens onto a soft bed, heated or at least insulated. Sensors in the bed alert carers when a baby has been put in it so that they can come and take care of the child.

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