World Bank: Kazakhstan may lose 1.3% GDP by 2060 due to floods – new episode of New Time TV show

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Flooding is expected to reduce Kazakhstan GDP by 1.3% by 2060 if no adaptation actions are taken, said World Bank expert Winston Yu. In an exclusive interview to New Time Mr. Yu revealed what influence climate change may have on the flooding situation and water resources in Central Asian region.

World Bank expert also shared his forecasts regarding the situation with water resources in Central Asia. According to the WB, climate change will increasingly reduce the availability of water resources in Kazakhstan. It will have huge impact on the agriculture, in terms of production. World Bank report makes estimates of reductions in spring wheat yields by 2030 could be reduced between 13 to 37%. For 2050, estimates are showing 20 to 50% reduction in wheat yields. You can find the full version of the interview here.

One will also learn about how researchers and entrpreneurs are competing over adapting the “Kazakh version of ChatGPT“ into reality in Kazakhstan. According to venture investor Bakht Niyazov, Irbis GPT will become a pioneering project in the development of the Kazakh language through the application of AI. Irbis GPT is a language model based on artificial intelligence, the goal of which is the digitization of the Kazakh language, making modern technologies accessible to everyone. It includes education and training through AI that understands the state language. It's also a tool that, according to the creators, will enable companies and enterprises to develop high-tech products and services in the Kazakh language.

On top of that, U.S. film company and Kazakh producers joined hands to create the first Hollywood film studio in Kazakhstan. Its goal is to promote Kazakh actors in Hollywood and to invite A-list American stars to work in Kazakhstan. It is planned to produce four to five films per year. This includes two local movies for distribution in the United States, and two to three Hollywood films that will be edited by American professionals, featuring worldwide-known actors and also those of Kazakh origin. Learn more about the project here.

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