World Dombyra Festival: Dombyra player from Altai Republic dedicates kui to Dimash Kudaibergen

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM - On July 5, 2020, the global project «World Dombyra Festival» was launched in a video clip format, created by the Alliance of Kazakhstan's people abroad «QazAlliance», headed by a leader Alisher Tursyn with the support of the Kusto Group represented by CEO Almaz Tulenov. The information partner of the global project was Kazinform International News Agency, Kazinform reports.

Our compatriots, almost everyone of them are dombyra players from 25 foreign countries and 36 cities of the world took part in this project and congratulated all people of Kazakhstan on the National Dombyra Day.

Representatives of QazAlliance note that the project stands a good chance to become a traditional one and they plan to carry out this project annually with the participation of all dombyra players from all corners of the world. According to the organizers, the goal of the project is to popularize the image of Kazakhstan and the Kazakh culture abroad, to educate the Kazakh children based on national values, national arts and to popularize our national identity among them.

The most pleasant surprise for all Kazakhstanis, especially for art lovers and fans («Dears») of Dimash Kudaibergen, was the special kui Dimash Baizhuma, which was dedicated to Dimash by a project participant from the Altai Republic (Russia) Zhanaidar Nursaliev. Dimash Baizhuma was first presented to the world and published as part of the «World Dombyra Festival» project.

We remind you that the Alliance of Kazakhstan's people abroad «QazAlliance» was established in 2015 and today QazAlliance has representatives in more than 20 countries and unites Kazakhstani organizations and a number of large associations of Kazakhstani students abroad.

The purpose and mission of this Alliance is to promote the unification of efforts of citizens of Kazakhstan who are abroad in strengthening Kazakhstani statehood, its independence and sovereignty, to facilitate the implementation of progressive and peace-loving initiatives of public and state organizations, projects and programs of international and national development, and to promote the creation of conditions for social activities of its members; development of comprehensive cooperation, assistance in strengthening communication, unification, consolidation and increased activity of Kazakhstani citizens permanently or temporarily abroad in various areas of state, economic and public life of the country to ensure sustainable development and contribute to the creation of a strong Kazakh nation and the dissemination of ideas and values ​​«Mangilik Yel», Ideology and objectives of the Strategy« Kazakhstan 2050».

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