“You resound in memory”: premiere of Maxim Fadeev’s song dedicated to Saltanat Nukenova

Premiere of Maxim Fadeev’s song dedicated to Saltanat Nukenova
Photo credit: instagram.com/fadeevmaxim

On his Instagram page, the famous Russian composer and producer Maxim Fadeev announced the premiere of the full version of his new song ‘Salta’, dedicated to the memory of Saltanat Nukenova, Kazinform News Agency correspondent reports.

The song is about a Kazakh woman who was murdered by former Minister of National Economy Kuandyk Bishimbayev, her common-law husband. The lyrics of the song were published before the premiere and go as follows:

"Breathing deeply with you, My soul is about you. Step towards the light, I need you. There is a knocking in the heart and somewhere here, As if nearby, as if there is, Your image, under the star.

Salta, Salta! Silence can be louder than a scream, Salta. Salta, Salta! Voice sings about your love in a legato tone.

The purity of beautiful words, Be happier without shackles. And shine on the way, You will remain inside. Having touched there to the depths, You resound in memory.

Salta, Salta! Silence can be louder than a scream, Salta. Salta, Salta! The voice sings about your love legato"

Aitbek Amangeldi, Saltanat Nukenova’s brother, thanked the producer for the song, commenting “Thank you Maxim, just to tears.”

Aitbek Amangeldi
Aitbek Amangeldi talks to media after the end of trial Photo credit: Diana Bizhanova/Kazinform

Fans and Kazakhstanis thanked the producer as well, commenting: “Dedicating the song to Salta, Maxim dedicated, it seems to me, to all the women and girls who suffered from the terrible violence.” “Thank you for all of Kazakhstan, for all women!”

Earlier this month, Kuandyk Bishimayev was found guilty and sentenced to 24 years in prison for murder and torture by the decision of the jury. The case of Saltanat Nukenova became one of the most notorious in the history of Kazakhstan. It also acted as a catalyst for the adoption of a new law on domestic violence. In addition, the enormous popularity and attention of the international community to this case has prompted other countries to begin the process of addressing the problem of domestic violence in their legislation.

Kuandyk Dishimbayev
Photo credit: Diana Bizhanova/Kazinform

“Surely you will ask the question: why did I write this particular song and dedicate it to a specific person? The situation that happened in Kazakhstan with the murder of this girl named Salta deeply shocked me. I simply did not have the right to pass by. I decided that she should live further - even in music. This melody is for her. So that no one else can touch her... Let this song remind us all of the value of human life,” Fadeev explained, presenting the song to the public.

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